The band Island Mint offers sunny pop in its  best sense, where in individual songs we hear strong inspiration from the music of the 60's and 70's. The project is backed by songwriter Matyáš Adámek, who is already registered on the Prague music scene as the frontman of the band Humdrum Lighthouse. They have the two-year-old debut EP Hazy Days inspired by psychadelia, shoegaz and garage rock, and currently the album Irrelevant, which is following in the same footsteps, but is already much more musically advanced. The album Irrelevant was already recorded as a five-member band: Jakub Bolbol (Branko's Bridge), Tomáš Kovařík (Caldera Band, Goldhorn), Honza Podskalský (Cold Meat Party) and Ondřej Lahoda (Soul Ožil, The Blue Igloo) and in this line-up you can see them on concerts. If you're deciding whether to go see the Island Mint, listen to theri song Pool. A surge of positive energy is ensured as we still probably need it now.

When and where?

11.6.2022 20:45 - 21:30