Katya is a leader of the Ukrainian underground indie duo Gapochka. The band went through a number of powerful and drastic transformations,  including playing at the Global Battles of The Bands in London, before arriving at its current duo format in 2017. Today the band comprises Katya Gapochka and Yevhen Yakshyn. Full of lyrics and old-school and post-punk motifs, the indie rock duo plays a melting pot of music genres. Since their first release, Katya and Yevhen have shown themselves as a powerful union of daring guitar and exceptional vocals. Yevgeny Yakshin, a guitarist, arranger, and artist - is now in Ukraine and cannot leave the country due to martial law. Therefore, Katya now plays acoustic solo.


When and where?

10.6.2022 15:45 - 16:15