Leading figure of the Slovak trap scene. Luisa is used to constant comparisons with other artists and responds to it with the words: No currently active rapper is a competitor, just as an apple merchant cannot compete with a cigarette merchant. In her introspective lyrics, however, she does not lose sight and in the dark beats she undermines the masculine stereotypes of the rap world. She started recording her first tracks directly from her room to SoundCloud, until Pil C took her under his wings. Since then, she has been working under the Comebackgang brand, during which time she has released two EP projects, several singles, and established collaborations with well-known names on the Czech mainstream scene, such as Yzomandias and Viktor Sheen. There, she was also noticed by the leading music magazine Full Moon, which ranked her among the most prominent faces of the upcoming generation.

When and where?

11.6.2022 17:15 - 18:00