7krát3 is the stage name of Štěpán Hebík. He was a member of a reggae band from České Budějovice called Pub Animals for 11 years, so he is no novice to music. Now that the band doesn’t perform as much, he offers us his own well-thought-out beats leaning in the direction of R&B. It is typical for this genre to be highly stylized, even exaggerated, as 7krát3 says himself, and that’s what has always held such allure for him and what he’s obviously enjoying very much. His first single to appear on the Czech music scene called “Promiň” (Sorry) is meant to be an apology for a premature ejaculation. At first considered a bit too provocative, in the end it won the prestigious Anděl Award. He has yet to release a classic album and all his songs are different from each other when it comes to the music, themes, and whom they feature. His single “Headphones” was produced by Roman Holý, the king of Czech funk, and Benjamin Buttler directed two video clips to accompany it. The second one offers a remix by a Czech producer living in Los Angeles Mr. Moustache. So don’t miss Štěpan Hebík aka 7krát3 live on stage!

When and where?

10.6.2022 20:00 - 21:00