ZOUJ is all about finding the soul in synthetic sounds. The mission? To discover and develop what modern pop music should sound and more importantly feel like. “I’m trying to make my machines sound human by emulating errors, randomness and tempo ups-and-downs while i’m trying my best as a human to sound like a machine.” says ZOUJ aka, the the producer Adam Abdelkader Lenox. The result is the most genuine, surreal pop music you’ll hear this year. ZOUJ literally sounds like ZOUJ, and yet like so much more. ZOUJ is also more than a project by one person, it’s a scene on it's own, a network of good people, musicians, visual artist and an incredible live-band with up to 5 members delivering futuristic glitched out, complex post-pop music that creates unreal moments of equal parts euphoria and dissonance.

When and where?

10.6.2022 21:30 - 22:30